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[This Week's Index]

(1) Out of Tokyo Vol. 105
Creators and Presentations
by Ozaki Tetsuya

(2) Event Pick of the Week
Ichinose Kyo: lontano in concert
by Editorial Staff

(3) Presents
Materia-Rhythm presents Remix & Reform exhibition

This week's RT Picks:

art+cinema+music+stage+design+town = 30 events
including 7 new ones!
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(1) Out Of Tokyo

Vol. 105: Creators and Presentations
by Ozaki Tetsuya

In early January I spent a few days in Hong Kong. Guided by Nakanishi
Taka, the author of the excellent "Hong Kong Art & Culture Guide"
(Gijutsuhyoron-sha), I had the opportunity to visit a number of
interesting places and meet some outstanding creators (thanks a lot,
Taka-san!). One of the events she took me to was the "What's Good
Conference", a 4-day design meeting initiated by capable graphic
designer/editor S.K. Lam at Hong Kong Art Centre.

Read more at:


(2) Event Pick of the Week

Ichinose Kyo: lontano in concert
by Editorial Staff

This is a concert to commemorate the release of Ichinose Kyo's second
album "lontano" last November. A musician who combines electronic sound
woth acoustic orchestration, Ichinose rarely appears in concerts, so
this is a precious chance to experience his music live on stage. Next
to Ichinose himself on computer and piano, the unique lineup includes a
string quartet and euphone player Gondo Tomohiko. Further, Tanaka
Yumiko performs a solo on the futozao shamisen. The venue's interior
will be designed by artist Awano Yumito, whose idea to "reflect" the
music in a setting of mirrors sounds quite interesting too.
--Editorial Staff

Details at:


(3) Presents

We still accept entries for one of the free tickets for the
"Materia-Rhythm presents Remix & Reform exhibition" on 1/30.

To apply and for more info see:



Next week on RT:

- FakeCities (as Berlin)
- Tokyo Editors' Diary

and more...


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