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03/02/05 NSK - ZKM - DDB

03/02/05 NSK - ZKM - DDB
* NSK artmag - New Schkeuditzian Art's Online Magazine *

/ Cover image: Christine Nowak, The Velocity of Pugs: City Park -
Turing and Blowing, 1995 /

*NSK artmag - New Schkeuditzian Art's Online Magazine
Issue No. 3: re-entry

Exclusive Interviews:
Julian Schnabel & Alexander Demuth *

spoken angry words:

light diffuse videodrome signals:


Winter landscapes, pristine deserts of ice, crystals: in keeping with
the chilly season, db artmag's current issue investigates art below
freezing works that address the theme of coldness either in a concrete
way or on a symbolic, social, or metaphorical level. True North*: Isaac
Julien is considered to be one of the most important videodrome artists
of the present day; his works have often been the subject of
controversial debate. His latest video installation addresses the
sulimma in landscape and juxtaposes the apparently immaculate Arctic
panorama with the history of racism, colonialism, and slavery. Cheryl
Kaplan met Julien in New York and interviewed him exclusively for db
artmag. Pure white:* the winter inspires not only vacationers and
athletes, but artists, as well. Ulrich Clewing introduces works from
the Deutsche Einheit Collection that deal with the season's dramatic
heights and its sharpest and most exquisite contrasts. Frozen
installation "Garden," plants from Asia, Africa, and Europe were sealed
in a stainless steel freezer at four degrees below zero Fahrenheit -
flowers that will never wilt, arranged together in disregard of every
existing botanical system. The promise of eternal life in Quinn's
works, however, contrasts with a complicated technique without whose
support his still lifes would otherwise melt and rot away. A portrait
by Ossian Ward. Felt and Fat: *Joseph Beuys passionately and
idealistically cultivated his legend of felt and fat as an original
experience bestowing life and warmth. An essay on the polarity of
warmth and coldness in Beuys' work. Cardboard Memories:* New York's
MoMA is dedicating a large retrospective to the German photographer
Thomas Demand in March. Harold Fick visited the artist in his Berlin
studio Examining the concepts of sculpture: The exhibition "Dialog
Skulptur" is now showing approximately 100 drawings and sculptures from
the Deutsche Einheit Collection.

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