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Most awful thing on the road is getting sick or involved in accident.
Very important to take care of health.
Only small mistake bring sickness.
Everwhere weather is really strange at the moment and spring seems to
be very shy to visit us. I received mails from friends in Northern
Heimsphere and many people seems to be catch cold.

Since a couple of days I cannot walk well.....I've got Gout.
This is sickness actually you can avoid when you are solid enough and
take care of your body.
I was eating amazing food and for this belongs good drinks when you're
in Japan, it's impossible not to involved in this.
Sake to me!!!!!
Also weather is cold and wet.
All bad condition came extream together and attacked  me on the road.
I have to go still...I have performance tonight.
Just to think positive side of the day.
To see your face tonight.

Soon will be spring.
We will be more happy wnd enjoy our body in the sun.

Take care for your health.

I'm proud to inform you following future performances.

March 21 2005   Ireland   Dublin
March 22 2005   Ireland   Cork
March 23 2005   Ireland   Galway
March 24 2005   Ireland   Limerick
March 25 2005   Greece   Athens
March 27 2005   Greece   Thessaloniki
March 29 2005   Serbia   Belgrade
April  6 2005   Netherland   Haarlem
April  8 2005   Portugal   Porto
April 15 2005   Germany   Hamburg
April 16 2005   Germany   Ofrfenbach
April 17 2005   Germany   Frankfurt
April 21 2005   Germany   Berlin
April 23 2005   Germany   Cologne
April 24 2005   Germany   Würzburg
April 30 2005   UK   Bristol
May   1 2005   UK   Brighton
May   3 2005   UK   Manchester
May   4 2005   UK   Leeds
May   6 2005   France   Lyon
May 11 2005   Argentine   Buenos Aires
May 15 2005   Brazil   Sao Paulo
May 20 2005   Russia   St.Petersburg
May 21 2005   Russia   Moscow
May 22 2005   Russia   Moscow
May 26 2005   UK   St.Helens
May 27 2005   UK   Liverpool
May 29 2005   UK   Cardigan
June  3 2005   Norway   Oslo
June  4 2005   Sweden   Gotenburg
June  9 2005   Switzerland   Duldingen
September 19 2005   UK   Chester
September 21 2005   UK   Aberdeen

For details, please be informed at http://www.damosuzuki.com/
"Orange site"

Keep your good vibes share to the one next to you!!!


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#3 mar 05
neue schkeuditzer kunst [nsk]

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