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welcome to newsletter 056 from Dense Promotion.
If you find something that you would like to present to your readers and
listeners, let us know.

The Dense Promotion Team

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ADD NOISE - Surface Noise b/w Surface Dub [12" Earsugar Beatbox]
ARIEL PINK - Worn Copy [CD/2LP Paw-Tracks]
BENGE - i am 9 [CD/LP Expanding Records]
BIZZY B - Science E.P. Volumes III+IV [CD Planet Mu]
BORIS HAUF - Soft Left Onto Westland [CD Mosz]
BY COASTAL CAFE - Old Cartoons [CD Album + Book Earsugar]
FLOTEL - Wooden Beard [CD/LP Expanding Records]
IRIS GARRELFS - specified encounters [CD Bip-Hop]
JANE - Berserker [CD/LP Paw Tracks]
KONONO No.1 / THE DEAD C ­ Split [12³FatCat]
LUKE VIBERT - Lover's Acid [CD Planet Mu]
MANDARIN MOVIE - s/t [CD/LP Aesthetics]
MINAMO - Shining [CD 12k]
NIGHTSHIFT - Nightshift" [CD Antifrost]
SI-CUT.DB - From Tears; Beach Archive [CD Bip-Hop]
THE IVYTREE v CHRIS SMITH ­ Split [12" FatCat]

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ADD NOISE - Surface Noise b/w Surface Dub [12"Earsugar Beatbox]
-> no promo in UK

Taking their inspiration from grooves laid down by Carl Craig and Dan Bell
in the early 90's as well as those haunted dub mixes which emanated from Lee
'Scratch' Perry's Black Ark Studio in the late 70's...the duo Add Noise
create a modern take on sub bass driven house music with echoes of previous
eras in experimental dance music production.
Add Noise 'Surface Noise' is the first release on Earsugar Beatbox, a new
series of 12 inches aimed at experimental dance floors.


ARIEL PINK - Worn Copy [CD/2LP Paw Tracks PAW5]
-> no promo in UK

ARIEL PINK's Worn Copy is a piece of work. Epic and grand in scale
(seventeen songs clocking in over 70 minutes), Worn Copy is the history of
popular music as revealed through the eyes and ears of ARIEL PINK. It's an
impassioned combinatory view of popular and unpopular culture that takes in
everything from THE CURE, R. STEVIE MOORE and AMON DUUL to forgotten
episodes of THE GONG SHOW, IT'S YOUR MOVE, and WHAT'S HAPPENING? Originally
released in 2003 by the Rhystop label and now featuring a bonus video of
"For Kate I Wait", Worn Copy is re-seeing the light of day on the ANIMAL
COLLECTIVE's Paw Tracks imprint.


-> no promo in Germany and Italy

Barbara Morgenstern and Robert Lippok's beautiful Tesri album has its roots
in a 2001 commission for Domino's Series 500 imprint, where they
soundtracked the moods of each of the seasons across twenty-one near perfect
minutes. On Tesri, which is an Arab-rooted Turkish word meaning to
accelerate, the music feels partly coloured by their separate visits to
But this music is exotic and rich rather than kitschly 'eastern-sounding',
and is full of seasonal detail which runs from remote sunsets, insect hum
and dust, to a crisp, wintery stillness by the end of the album.
Over the course of the album Morgenstern and Lippok, each Berlin residents,
allow each other space and time to leave their own distinctive imprints and
trails all over the place, setting up themes and adding to ideas, and
flowing into each other. Lippok is of course, more usually at the core of
To Rococo Rot, whose morse code repetitions and melodic inventiveness he
brings across to this project, jamming up with Barbara's energy and cut and
odd pop musicality. It's an understood music, this, through touring and
collaboration, and into the sound mesh other musicians bring their own
distinctive styles; vocalists, Damon Aaron from Telefon Tel Aviv (solo album
coming soon on Plug Research), with a gorgeous almost Robert Wyattesque
vocal on If The Day Remains Unspoken For, and a real find, London-based
Japanese musician, Mieko Shimozo on Kaitusburu and Otuskimi. Ronald Lippok
and Bernd Jestram inevitably contribute; drums on Winter, and guitar on
Gammelpop respectively, Jestram also en
gineering most of the project.
Recorded in Berlin between 2002 and 2004, Tesri features piano, guitar,
micromodular, flute, drums, software synths, computer. It has a certain
sound we associate with these musicians, both in their own solo work or in
group projects, but Tesri is its own dot on the map, its own light lighting
up, and it not only complements these other musics, it's its own magical


BENGE - i am 9 [CD/LP Expanding Records ecd20:04/eva12:04]
-> No promo in UK

i am 9 is the latest album by Ben Edwards recording as Benge. Here are a few
words from the young chap introducing the various ideas and concepts which
have culminated in the birth of his latest opus, "hello my name is benjamin
d edwards. this is my ninth album i have recorded on my own. i like
synthesisers and sports cars. there are nine tracks on my new album, and
each one is named after a different sports car from a book my parents gave
me when I was 9. they run a school which i could play in all the time when i
was little. my favorite room was the music room. i recorded some of the
instuments on this album in there like glockenspiels, piano, cymbals and
drums and my favorite, the synthesiser. i can make any sound i like on
synthesisers and my favorite kind are modular ones because you have to build
the sound up from nothing using wires and make a sound nobody has ever heard
before. some of the music i recorded when i was on holiday in france,
because i can use a portable synthes
iser and computer.
“I hope you like the music, my favorite track is track 4 and i called it
"facel3" because that is my favorite car in the book.³ Benge Edwards - (36
and 2 months) "nice sounds even though they are sometimes sad and the cover
is a good colour" His friend Paul (in the same class)


BIZZY B - Science E.P. Volumes III+IV [CD Planet Mu ZIQ117]
-> no promo in UK and Benelux

The Science ep Vols.3+4 is all new material from Bizzy B. It brings up to
date the old-skool sound of hardcore jungle for the new millennium (it is
the follow up to the 93/94 volumes 1 and 2 on Whitehouse Records).
"Darkside" and "Afraid Of The Dark" both use amen and mentasm to awesome
effect - the catchiness of the stabs and riffs just won't let go, and the
breaks are propelling you along like waves. But this time the undertow of
sub-bass catches you unaware. You're in deep dub waters...
For "Merda Style 2004" he pairs up with Equinox
(Bassbin/Inperspective/Intasound), bringing the 1993 original up to date
with tearing "Acid Rain"-style amens and deep 808 bass kicks. "Fire" is
another deep bassy pitched down amen killer with evil distorted bass stabs
that rip any system. "Deep In My Soul" combines soulful female vocals with
dub FX & the ubiquitous break & "Strength" has a more jump-up flavour, still
retaining the old skool feel with Mentasm and Outlander stabs.
Bizzy B (Brain/Joker/Sub Base/Whitehouse etc etc) was there from day one
playing the raves and on the radio (Centerforce, Fantasy, Kool fm,
Conflict). He's been releasing records since '91 and set up one of the most
influential Hardcore/Jungle labels "Brain" which also released the debut
material of Peshay, Zinc, and Marc Caro (Technical Itch) among others.
"Darkside" & "Afraid of the Dark" are being played by both Andy C and Bailey
and "Fire", "Deep In My Soul" & "Merda Style 2004" are being rinsed by Shy
FX, Bailey, & Hype.


BORIS HAUF - Soft Left Onto Westland [CD Mosz 008]

Boris Hauf, born 1974 in UK, currently living in Berlin, as founder of EFZEG
(Boris Hauf, Burkhard Stangl, Dieb13, Billy Roisz, Martin Siewert),
part-time member of Chicago based bands TVpow and Lozenge, he is better
known as improvising musician - he works with acoustic (mainly saxophone)
and electronic instruments. Other works/projects include comissioned
compositions for international festivals, radio- & tv-stations, film,
ensembles, solists, performers and theaters.
'Soft Left Onto Westland' [mosz008] is the label's 6th release. Like Martin
Siewert, Boris Hauf - primarily introduced and known as an improv musician -
produced a rather nontypical CD on Mosz which is actually 'sax-free' and
only made of electronic sounds ranging from very subtle and minimal to kind
of techno-like. Skilful and with great musicality Hauf mounted all these
samples to a surprising result, meaning a groovy, funky and atmospheric
album with some ambient parts in-between.
'Soft Left Onto Westland' is another kind of 'pop' release on Mosz which
takes the listener to a relaxed state without being cheesy just one single


BY COASTAL CAFE - Old Cartoons [CD Album + Book Earsugar 08]
-> No promo in UK

The genius of By Coastal Café is perfect pop songs - the longest is two
minutes, the shortest is 30 seconds - the 21 tracks on Old Cartoons,
describe four years in Martin Lilja and Marilyn Petridean¹s unique
collaboration as song-writer and singer and their tempestuous relationship
as young lovers. Listening to the ultra-DIY sound recalls the
experimentalism of Sebadoh, Daniel Johnston or even the Velvet Underground -
the physical context of song is as important as its emotional context - as a
moment in Martin and Marilyn's love story. Old Cartoons CD booklet,
fittingly as both art and love object, was designed by the Loyal Magazine
design collective in Sweden. Each issue of Loyal Magazine features artwork
and stories by friends and colleagues from around the world, arranged in a
loose, abstract form with every issue very much defined by its content-
ranging from prints by Wes Lang and photographs by David Shrigley to stories
by Will Oldham. With its DIY sound, spare melodies, and
naïve lyrics, By Coastal Café's Old Cartoons has a strange and familiar
intimacy, perfectly capturing the essential goofy, intense, painful and
utterly unforgettable experience of young, first and always love.


FLOTEL - Wooden Beard [CD/LP Expanding Records ecd19:04/eva11:04]
-> No promo in UK

Wooden Beard is the debut album by Leigh Toro as Flotel. 'A series of short
& not so short sonic meanderings concerning a certain 'Wooden Beard'
Produced in the depths of Nottingham by the boy-bull Leigh Toro over a
period of two years. Detailing the ebb and flow of a whispering city and his
relation to it from various compass points, behind trees, under shops and
over the hill. Leigh has previously used the services of both expanding
records (7" single - bowd) and arable records ( the Bosso Fataka 12" EP) to
try and work out his current location, with some success.
Hopes are high that with wooden beard he may have finally produced enough
material to be certain that his current location is exactly where he is. for


GIUSEPPE IELASI - Gesine [CD Häpna H.21]
-> no promo in Sweden and Norway

New solo work from this Italian experimental guitarist and electronic
musician. Known for his solo work (his first solo cd, ŒPlans¹, was released
on Sedimental in 2003), his collaborations with Dean Roberts and for various
collaborations in more improvised contexts. These six pieces are all made up
of guitar and percussion in different forms, sometimes electronically
treated, but in a very organic manner. Drones, guitar techniques derived as
much from folk as the experimental music field, and a calm, haunting
atmosphere make up the basis for this beautiful album.


IRIS GARRELFS - specified encounters [CD Bip-Hop bleep 29]
-> Promo only in Germany, Benelux, Spain, Eastern Europe

Iris Garrelfs is best known for her emotive, improvised glitch-tech
performances based around electronically manipulated and digitally warped
voice sounds. The Wire has described her sound as "Garrelfs¹s divine
caressing tones floated over the audienceŠ Garrelfs¹s voice swelled up into
vast cavernous echoes, sweeping the audience with it"
Specified Encounters has been moulded from dissected, transmuted voice
sounds, settling somewhere between Arvo Pärt and Christan Fennesz.
Iris Garrelfs performs solo as well as in collaboration with other
soundartists, for example Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot). An excerpt of their
concert at Sprawl's Interplay festival in 2003 will be released early next
year. Other collaborations include Kaffe Matthews, Scanner, Si-cut.db and
Freeform, which has recently been re-released as part of the Burnt Friedman
compiled and remixed compilation Condensed on Nonplace. She has recently
finished a track for Jem Finer's (The Pogues) Longplayer project.
Iris gets invited as a speaker and on panels at events In the UK and abroad.
She has appeared on TV, for example and ARTE TV with Stockhausen in ³Well
Tempered Computer - Are Computers able to compose² and on ITV¹s Mixmasters
TV. This project has recently been released by Moonshine in the US and has
received a nomination for Best Music DVD at the Dancestar Awards.
In her other incarnations Iris has been abusing her record collection in one
of her minimal mix-fests, for example at the ICA, Turnmills, 93 Feet East.
As a photographer, Iris has been published by magazines such as The Wire,
The Face, Muzik, Marie Claire, Spex, Keyboard Japan and others


JANE - Berserker [CD/LP Paw Tracks PAW6]
-> no promo in UK

scotty and i worked together at a record store in new york city. he was a dj
around town and he still is i think. we both really liked dance music and
dance music from the very beginning and i mean stomps and shouts and claps
and stuff like that. of course we like all kinds of other stuff too but its
the dance that gets us going on jane. we played once at the animal
collective practice space but found it much more pleasant to play at
scotty's home in greenpoint where he had his mixer and simple microphones
and we would drink brews and talk about all kinds of things and then play. i
would usually sing about stuff i was thinking about that day and scotty
would move with it playing jams and it would all kind of pour out. we liked
all the mechanical robo dance jams like detroit and chicago and the germans
but we wanted to do something with less 0s and 1s and more souls. mostly it
was about hanging out together and talking and playing music and thinking
and feeling and having fun and danc
ing most of all.


KONONO No.1 / THE DEAD C ­ Split [12³FatCat 12FAT050]
-> promo only in Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

The eighteenth 12" in our split series, Konono No.1 v The Dead C presents
two groups whose music, whilst stylistically very different, is strongly
based upon live performance and upon the raw power of distortion and

Hailing from The Democratic Republic of The Congo, Konono No.1 marks
FatCat's first release of an artist from the African continent. Rooted in a
very social form of folk music making, the group are one of the main
exponents of a spectacular style of music which has developed in the suburbs
of the capital city of Kinshasa. The Congolese refer to this style as
"tradi-modern", meaning electrified traditional music. These are musicians
who have left the bush to settle in the capital and, in order to both
continue fulfilling their social role and make themselves heard above the
urban din, they have resorted to DIY amplification of their instruments, and
the use of megaphones.
Whilst their repertoire draws largely on Bazombo trance music, the
incorporation of originally-unwanted distortions arising through their sound
system has led to them developing a unique style which has accidentally
connected them with the aesthetics of the most experimental forms of rock
and electronic music, as much through their sounds as through their sheer
volume (they play in front of a wall of speakers) and merciless grooves.

Formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1987 by guitarists Michael Morley and
Bruce Russell, and drummer Robbie Yeats, The Dead C have released nearly 20
albums and overcome geographical isolation to connect with and inspire a
legion of fans and like-minded operators, becoming in the process little
short of a legendary presence.
Cited as one of Sonic Youth's favourite bands, their own highly distinctive
take on improvised free noise / experimental rock is an ever-mutating
explosion / implosion of blissful guitar / electronic noise chunks and
The Dead C's side of this Split 12" opens with five locked-groove slices of
molten, lava-fold noise. Whilst the 2 later tracks witness the trio in live
meltdown, the first full track sees a rare-ish return to the band's earlier
methods which see-sawed around a tension between the solidity of the song
and the disintegrative logic of free improvisation. Opening with some kind
of studio argument / accident, this is a great, sprawling track, blessed by
Morley's mumbled / half-buried vocal. The two live tracks are bootlegged
recordings, taken on a minidisk and binaural microphone from within the
audience at a rare show in Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ in August


LUKE VIBERT - Lover's Acid [CD Planet Mu ZIQ098]
-> no promo in UK and Benelux

Luke Vibert's first album for Planet Mu consists of all three classic 12"s
he has recorded for us (released in 2000, 2002 & 2005). The emphasis is on
acid, whether it's the soft reflective type in "Lover's Acid", the driving
full-force acid of "Come On Chaos" or the distorted growls of the almost
drum'n'bass tempo'd "Dirty Fucker". Sweet analogue melodies, classic drum
machines and breaks abound. This is arguably the funkiest and most
dancefloor record Luke has put his name to. Definitely a future classic.


MANDARIN MOVIE - s/t [CD/LP Aesthetics ast41]
-> no promo in Germany and UK

Mandarin Movie is the new project from Chicago native and current Brazil
resident Rob Mazurek, a cornetist, composer, painter, improviser, and
multi-media artist whose unique musical style draws from free jazz,
hard-bop, experimental electronica and minimalism. He is co-founder and
member of Chicago Underground Duo/Trio/Quartet/Orchestra as well as
avant-jazz/funk ensemble Isotope 217. Mandarin Movie's debut release is a
full frequency audio assault, dense and beautiful at times, unrestrained,
chaotic & hard at other times, with an almost sculptural quality, always
preparing us for the beauty of sound and silence. The name 'Mandarin Movie'
stems from a dream Rob had in 2003, evoking an artist's vision of singular
clarity similar to Sun Ra's 'Space is The Place' . At the dreams end Rob
found himself atop the highest building in the world where "It was all light
beams and flying discs and dense beautiful sounding explosions which put a
good feeling in the back of your head." This recor
d is not for the faint hearted.


MINAMO - Shining [CD 12k 1031]

12k is proud to announce the latest release from Japan's Minamo. Shining is
the quartet's 5th full-length release to date and continues in a common
tradition of being sourced and edited from live performance recordings, a
practice central to the band's interest in improvisational forms and organic
track growth. While guitar is still the prominent instrument, Shining takes
a slightly different path from the drone-oriented releases of the past.
Still pursuing vague and evasive atmospheres Minamo now inject much more
prominent rhythm and turbulence, as on "Crumbling's" software driven looping
or "Stay Still's" 16th note picked guitar repetition that is quietly offset
by sparse piano. This is part of what makes Shining a work of subtle
pairings and contrasts. Digital hums and crackles merge with the glacial
pace of peaceful, melodic string resonance, blurred echoes of familiar
sounds fall away into pools of feedback. This is highly free-formed work yet
at the same time there is an obvious communication between musicians (and
instruments) that makes Minamo's music a language unique to a 4-piece band
as they continue to explore the unstable boundaries of free improv,
post-rock, and live electronic ambience.


NIGHTSHIFT - Nightshift" [CD Antifrost afro2032]

Nightshift is the debut album of the Greek duo comprised by as11 (well known
form his solo releases on Antifrost) and Thodoris Zioutos, an electronics
improviser based in Athens. The duo has been very active during the last
months of 2004 in an attempt to canalize their frenetic hot pulses into one
solid electronic chasis. They use a Spartan canvas of sounds converting it
into a rich night drone poem .The result is the same titled CD available now
through Antifrost.


SI-CUT.DB - From Tears; Beach Archive [CD Bip-Hop bleep 28]
-> Promo only in Germany, Benelux, Spain, Eastern Europe

A traveller deals with the burden of digitized dreams...
This latest SI-CUT.DB album, the 7th one proper, is a culmination of 2 years
of work in which Douglas Benford sets off on his own personal exploration
and reclamation of electronica, a journey circumnavigating the 'si-cut.db
dub and micro-house music templates' with a nostalgic but escapist slant,
infused with his own original sonic sensibilities (and grooves).
Aiming to creating a 21st century 'Another Green World' (the benchmark Eno
album from 1975, and a influence on Benford youth) this new CD, 'FROM
TEARS: Beach Archive' is a collection of work composed at many coastal
locations across the world. With his laptop strapped to his backpack,
Benford spent many weeks exploring waterways and seafronts - whether in
Riga, Vancouver, Athens, Aberdeen or the coast of Devon in England, and from
this a beach theme emerged, whilst the music is complimented with rich
evocative digital waves and washes, generated using a variety of software
combinations. The album is mastered by click and cuts and software
wunderkind TWERK aka Shawn Hatfield in San Francisco.
In addition to the 11 tracks audio tracks the album is complimented by the
Quicktime video 'Belonging', a collaborative short film with Vancouver-based
Pixelwrangler (dir. Jon Anastasiades).


THE IVYTREE v CHRIS SMITH ­ Split [12" FatCat 12FAT048]
-> promo only in Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

The seventeenth 12" in our split series, The Ivytree v Chris Smith
introduces two more artists new to FatCat, each mining their own particular,
singular visions, yet complimenting one another neatly.

From San Francisco, The Ivytree is the solo project of Glenn Donaldson, who
is a founder member of The Jewelled Antler Collective - which exists as both
a label (specialising in beautifully-packaged, made-to-order CDR pressings)
and a coterie of mainly-Californian avant folk / improvisation / psychedelic
ensembles. Amongst these, Donaldson also operates under the guise of The
Birdtree, as well as playing in groups like The Knit Separates, Thuja, The
Blithe Sons and The Skygreen Leopards. Beyond a shifting, shared membership,
what unites many of these outfits is an organic, intuitive approach to music
making, as well as an interest in ritual and collage, and the spontaneity of
environmental recording. Many of Donaldson's releases have resulted from
recordings made outdoors or in non-studio locations.

FatCat stumbled upon the work of Australian guitarist Chris Smith during a
trip to his home city of Melbourne in 2001. In 1998 Smith recorded the
stunning 'Cabin Fever' album on Avalanche Express and two years later he
released the follow-up, 'Replacement' on another Australian label, Death
Valley. Whilst 'Cabin Fever' comprised of a series of short, focused tracks
built from layers of drone guitar, radio-static, distant drums, humming
melodica, and saw Smith working in a similar territory to that explored by
artists like Flying Saucer Attack or Windy & Carl in the mid - late
'nineties, Smith's work since then has seen him move towards a somewhat
fiercer and increasingly expanded sound world. His trance-inducing,
wall-of-guitar-noise constructions have become longer and more strung-out.
Formed from dense, multi-layered guitar improvisations, these tracks are
limned with all manner of continually shifting tones, noise bursts, bass
rumble, clatter and scrape, and result in the creati
on of a dense tapestries of timbres and tones for the listener to explore
and get lost in. The five stunning tracks Smith recorded for this Split 12"
are Smith's first new compositions since 'replacement', and are the result
of three years of correspondence with FatCat.



Transient Travels was a temporary travel agency which operated in a carriage
of the Sound Train during the World New Music Days 2004 in Switzerland
featuring a panorama of contemporary computer music. Travel agents Jan
Schacher (alias Jasch) and Marcus Maeder were commissioned by the Swiss Arts
Council Pro Helvetia and World New Music Days 2004 to assemble a team of
artists to take Transient Travels' passengers on journeys to various areas
of digital music. Six artists presented their individual interpretation of
the term «sonic journey» at the listening stations in the carriage and
Transient Travels' interactive compartment: AGF (Germany), COH
(Sweden/Russia), Hecker (Germany), Ilios (Greece, Spain), Jasch
(Switzerland), Marcus Maeder (Switzerland).

Transient Travels is part of «Gallerie 57/34.6 km», the cultural programme
which is being organised by Pro Helvetia in connection with the Alp Transit
tunnel construction sites at the Gotthard and Loetschberg.

1 COH Ki-Netic 6:31
2 AGF Trainen Fluss 9:46
3 Jasch Probe 16:46
4 Hecker Inverted Henon Map III/Double Scroll 20:25
5 Ilios Kandy 95 12:06
6 Marcus Maeder Od Kraja do kraja 11:12

>>> >>> >>>


18/03 IT - Spazio 211 / Torino
23/03 BE - festival "haunted folklore" / Bruxelles

THILGES3 [Staubgold] / METALYCEE [Mosz]
25/03 HU - thilges3 @ ultrahang festival + fennesz,radian
26/03 AT - thilges3@soundbridges festival fluc mensa, vienna + ehlers a.o.
27/03 AT - metalycée@fluc mensa finale fluc mensa, vienna
08/04 FR - metalycée@ i.d.e.a.l festival nantes, le lieu unique
27/04 US - thilges3 and eyvind kang @ moving patterns NY austrian cultural
forum new york with: gustav, fennesz...
28/04 US - thilges3 eyvind kang and okk yung lee @ tonic NY

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