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i completely agree.
u may like http://www.iluvu.tv

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> we, artists, performers, tribes from the normative bebilderung, we have
> been undergoing police repressions, abusive laws, the pressures of
> cultural industries and capitalist economy for a long time. to denounce
> these intolerable pressures, we declare the internet television will
> be, so that everybody will demonstrate his know-how and creativity in
> the dark, an international underground! let 10.000 clips joyfully
> illuminate and fertilize the cultural aridity! the idea of internet
> television is metaphoric: even if celebrate, create, have amateur
> cultural practices, emerge among indifference, market, and daily
> repression are a fight, we demand a pacific action! internet television
> is a pacific action, but it remains a fight! internet televisionists
> are working towards another end. this other end is militant: it is a
> question of producing an utopia. u-topia = lack of proper place. for us
> in a prospect of action, it means being everywhere at the same time. it
> also means: being numerous but no masses! Iit further means cultural
> diversity! meeting the others! refusing identity withdraws of all
> kinds, as people can have lots of piercings and be really set in their
> ways, egoist, monomaniac or limited. here is the fight: not a fight for
> sound, free, punk, classic or else! but for all that in once and to
> keep the possibility of doing that. for the emergence of diversity! for
> diversity against compact masses! for the right to create, to meet
> freely each others, to imagine our future off the pre-formatted frames
> proposed by the market, the security ideologies and the ready-to-think
> of some activists. to prove that we are organized, thoughtful,
> responsible and that we are fully aware of our acts as well during our
> cultural events as every day. to demonstrate that we represent an
> important part of the population, that we can be your neighbours, your
> friends, your family.
> archiv fuer kontemplative bewegtbilddokumentation
> frankfurt am main
> :: program closed ::
> alle filme duerfen kopiert und verwendet werden
> zum betrachten benoetigen sie quicktime
> normative bilderung is a creation made of every-day's movies, taken
> during artist's stay in frankfurt.
> this video-diary, characterized by a poetic approach and minimalism,
> resembles the blog language testing the edge between public and
> private. It is the frame of the work's presentation that makes it
> net-art.
> http://subjektivation.de [video-net archive 2004]
> http://pingelfraaten.de [video-net archive 2003]
> <--
> frankfurter wohnzimmer
> #2
> feb 05
> the netzwissenschaft scrapbook
> --> http://designerziehung.de/

-- by the way of http://blogwar.org/ --

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