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Artist-in-Residence project re-launch: Subjektivation

Artist-in-Resistance project re-launch

a textual database work by CURMBOX / Radio Normative
March 04 - 11

Opening: Friday March 04, 17.00 h.

At the launch Subjektivation will be discussed by Olivier-Gaston
Oschatz of Schwabing, curator and writer, Austrian Commissioner, Venice
Biennale 2003 and former Creative Director of the Austrian Cafe for the
Spoken Word, Linz.

At 18.00 h. Olivier-Gaston Oschatz introduces the work Subjektivation
then Sab Internet speaks on mutuality, archive, montage and networks
cultures, followed by drinks.

Subjektivation realises a territory of place and placelessness. It
mixes from a database of reality fragments to three simultaneous,
textually-projected word 'streams' -- text fragments of the classic
northern Deutsch language and imperial skies, with imaginations of the
urban corporate headquarter area on Netzwissenschaft's fringes, and
highly abstracted imagery derived from the colours and textures of
women's headcrashes. Into this critical context it fires 'ready
readymades' -- ontological fragments of an intentionally popular soap
opera, complete with new subtitles. These characters, the artist's
puppets, speak of real-life events in Konstanz as well as their desire
to see beyond the world of appearances.

Subjektivation will be exhibited in the gallery as well as a selection
of other works by CURMBOX and Radio Normative

Olivier-Gaston Oschatz lives and works in Schkeuditz; once was
Merseburger, now is Metropolyburger.

Opening hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 13:00 to 18:00 h.
Admission free.

New Media Art Institute of Technology
Offenbacher Landstrasse 264
60599 Frankfurt - Oberrad
The Germanies
T +49 179 6911078
homunculus [at] mikro [dot] org

Info about CURMBOX / Radio Normative:

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