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frankfurter forum für elektronische und neue musik | november 2005

frankfurter forum für elektronische und neue musik


03. november 2005 (donnerstag)
man manly [us]
james dougherty has been actively creating since the age of five in one
medium or another. he began his creative endeavors in music and
painting and soon moved to theater and sculpting. his education has
been a mixture of both classroom and self exploration.  he has received
numerous awards in his youth for both creativity and his ability. by
incorporating all his experiences with multiple mediums he is able to
create a cohesive methodology that allows him to transcend the medium
and convey constructs articulately and with emotional depth.   james
employeeï¿?s electronic instruments and tools he creates himself,
theatrical aspects and traditional musical elements that allow him to
transcend singular sensory representations and interact with the
observer in a holistic manner that both can draw in and make the
observer part of the work itself. james' current creative outlets
include being the principle member of the groups man manly and
phonographistic as well as producing recorded works for these and
several other groups. he also owns and operates the sonik alchemy
label, production, and distribution organizatio
21:00 | tanzhaus west
eintrittt 5 euro

08. november 2005
alan/anla courtis [argentina]
Alan Courtis wors as musician and sound artist in Buenos Aires (founder
member of the group Reynols). Basically doing a solo set with guitar,
toba violin, pocket theremin, tapes and some no-instruments. the music
goes from drone, noise to experimental.... Alan / Anla, yeah; whatever
– collaborated with artists like Damo Suzuki, Andrey Kiritchenko, etc.
21:00 | tanzhaus west
eintrittt 5 euro

28. november 2005
jair-rohm parker wells [sweden]
tobias schmitt
Jair-Rom Parker Wells from Sweden is probably one of the best bass
players in the world, and one of our best friends. In the last 12
months he performed solo at Forum für Experimentalelektronik, and in
duet with Acrylnimbus' mastermind Tobias Schmitt, who is also a member
of the well-known upcoming sound art rock band CURMBOX.
21:00 | tanzhaus west
eintrittt 5 euro

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