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Lecture Sal Randolph

Eigenes und Fremdes im Schüttelbad digitalen Designs
Vortragsreihe von Sebastian Oschatz
im Rahmen der Heinz und Gisela Friedrichs Stiftungsprofessur
an der HfG Offenbach

Sal Randolph, salrandolph.com, New York

Social Architectures: Designing Fun & Politics

Dienstag 01.02.2005, 19.30
HfG Offenbach, Raum D-101

Party after the lecture, 22.00 / Rotari

Weapons of Mass Destruction (Sal Randolph, Sharilyn Neidhardt)
semi-ambient guitar & laptop deconstructions and covers + strobel


Our social architectures – the ways people in society group together –
have been radically altered by the internet and related technologies.
The ultra-communication age we live in makes it possible for new social
organizations to be created or evolve spontaneously in a few weeks,
days, or even hours. These organizations and networks are having a
growing impact on private and public life, affecting everything from
dating to politics. What do designers and artists have to offer this
process? How do we shape situations that often seem to have a life of
their own? An experimenter in the field of social architectures as
artworks, Sal Randolph will talk about the experience of trying to
create social architectures deliberately. She will present an overview
of her recent projects including Opsound, an open source record label
and sound pool mediated through the website www.opsound.org. Using the
examples of some other interesting social architectures that have
evolved recently online, including political groups and friend networks,
she will discuss why gift economies, social pleasures and even fun are
important to the dynamic of these new entities. The role of physical
gatherings, meetups, and parties will be explored. One of the ongoing
problems in thinking critically and creatively about social
architectures is how to model their structures, and therefore how to
talk clearly about them. Several approaches to this design problem will
be offered for consideration and discussion. If current technologies
make it possible for anyone to create their own organization and invent
or experiment with its formal structure, what are the tools you would
need in order to do this yourself? What kind of organization would you

Artist Sal Randolph works in the areas of social architectures, gift
economies, and participatory artworks. She is the founder of Opsound, an
experimental record label and open sound pool of copyleft music
((http://www.opsound.org)). Her other recent projects include The Free
Biennial (http://www.freebiennial.org) and Free Manifesta
(http://www.freemanifesta.org) which brought together several hundred
artists in open shows of free art in the public spaces of New York and
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as well as Free Words
(http://www.freewords.org) in which 4000 copies of a free book have been
infiltrated into bookstores and libraries worldwide. Randolph's work has
been presented in the public environments of New York, Frankfurt am
Main, Berlin and other cities, as well as in gallery and museum
exhibitions including Manifesta 4, and Don't Miss in Frankfurt am Main,
BüroFriedrich Gallery and the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst
(NGBK) in Berlin, the PsyGeoConflux in New York, and the Oni Gallery in

She performs as a sound artist and dj, and with her electroacoustic
band, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

More information at http://www.salrandolph.com.

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