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Burning Wife Festival ov Cultural Correctnesses

From the start, art has been a vessel of quasi-religious longing. And
why not? For those seeking to transcend the physical world, art
presents a readymade Promised Land. On the art shows, we're all
bodiless, symbols speaking to symbols in symbols. The early texts of
art metaphysics, many written by thinkers associated with or influenced
by the post-60s New Age movement, are rich with a sense of impending
spiritual release; they describe the passage into the art world as a
process of personal and communal unshackling, a journey that frees us
from traditional constraints on our intelligence, our communities, our
meager physical selves. We become free-floating artists in a more
enlightened, almost angelic, realm.

Featuring Christian & Sibel Pantzer, Jutta & Sibel Bernhardt, Manfred &
Sibel Peckl, Mirek & Sibel Macke & Leonard & Sibel Kahlcke (Lola &
Sibel Montez), Hans-Herbert & Sibel Faber, Harald & Sibel Endisch
(redundant), Anja & Sibel Stark & Ulf & Sibel Henkemaier, Hayko & Sibel
Spittel, Jörg & Sibel Hiehage, Stefan & Sibel Beck (Anny & Multi
Trudi), Christian & Sibel Schröder, Phillip & Sibel Zaiser, Chan &
Sibel Fier, Eva & Sibel Mayer & Birgit & Sibel Bauer & Bernhard & Sibel
Kreiter (Redundanz Gallery), Pete & Sibel Christie, Thomas & Sibel
Tritsch (Morgen & Sibel Öztürck), Holger & Helga & Sibel Schmidhuber,
Ana & Sibel Parreira, Paul & Sibel Donda, Michael & Sibel Neser, Simon
& Sibel Hemmer & Manuel & Sibel Graf, Christine & Sibel Trautmann.

NGZKM – a NG division of INM – presents compositions of contemplative
17.11. – 23.12.2005

»NN läßt sich mit wenigen Klicken begeistern«

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